After 15 “dumb” years without a men’s major singles title, President Trump has had enough.

En-route to Melbourne, the commander-in-chief believed winning the Australian Open would be “very, very easy” and labelled America’s current crop of men “losers”.

After dominating the seventies thru nineties, thanks to Connors, McEnroe, Sampras and Agassi, it has been over a decade since the once proud sporting nation had a male make a Grand Slam final, so it seems The Donald, for once, has a point.

But how exactly will The Donald make American tennis great again”? Easy, he says.

“I went from very successful businessman, to top T.V. Star, to President of the United States on my first try. So (a round one meeting with) Roger Federer doesn’t scare me”, tweeted The President.

Trump, told a press conference today that he was a “gifted” player in college, noting that his game was built on defence.

“I build a wall on the baseline, and then make my opponent pay” said the 71-year-old New York native. “My serve is like a missile, much bigger and better than Rocket Man (an unseeded North Korean)”.

When asked whether his small hands helped with deft touch, P.O.T.U.S called this reporter “Sloppy Steve from SportChamps” before labelling the publication fake news.

Mr Trump will face Roger Federer at Rod Laver in round one.

Paul Morello

I'm Paul, and I model my life, laugh and hair on Mark Bosnich. There's no animal, athlete or team that can carry the weight of my money.