English musician and composer, Reginald Kenneth Dwight AKA Sir Elton John has revealed he actually wrote the Lion King’s famed song Circle of Life in 1967 after “horror run of LBW’s”.

The former opening batsmen said penning the song got him out of a slump that included consecutive innings of 4, 0, 12, and 0 that saw him dropped to the Middlesex 2nd Eleven for the first time since his promotion two years earlier.

“(Writing the song) was more of a cathartic process than anything… before long I was back in the ones and I’d completed the circle…” said the 70 year old musician.

For the first time, Mr. John opened up about the struggles he faced on a two-paced home wicket that had a propensity to keep low in a rare interview with SportChamps, telling this reporter the song would’ve never seen the light of day had it not been for the 1994 Disney movie.

“I’d been approached to do the Lion King and thought the similarities between Simba’s role in the African Pride Lands, and my terrible summer, were undeniable.”

“The guy who replaced me in the first eleven also had a scar across his eye, too” laughed the singer, famous for songs like Crocodile Rock and Candle in the Wind.

Sir Elton explained that if you really think about the third verse, it’s clear he’s talking about his triumphant return to the firsts.

“Some of us fall by the wayside, And some of us soar to the stars, And some of us sail through our troubles, And some have to live with the scars - roughly translates to:
Some of us get dismissed cheaply, And some of us make 70 in a session,
I go back and get 93 in the seconds, And my replacement nicks off for three in the firsts.”

Paul Morello

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