Punter Profile - POTW

Alias: Jesse86

Joined SportChamps: 2/12/2016

Favourite Tournament, Why: Greyhounds only. I’ve previously owned shares in a few and have been into them since I was 15. (I dated a girl back then whose family trained them).

Strategy: If I get the whole tourney, I’ll take my time and play conservative and try to build my ChampCash balance. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll try and find longer odds…

I look for Quinellas and Exactas… it doesn’t always work though.

RE last weeks POTW calling him out: I don’t really trash talk and think he (TasmanStar) has his wires crossed. I’ll take credit for it though…

Arch nemesis / someone you like beating: No one specifically, but there’s four or five that are better punters and regular competition.

Reluctantly names: Gunsynd, Grog and Sunline.

Memorable Win: Clinched the Memsies $5,000 tournament during the Spring Carnival.

I had a bit of ChampCash going into the last race and had a lash on it - splitting my ChampCash balance between my two top picks. One of them got up and I won.

Comments on the Platform / Improvements: The staff listen to people and take feedback to improve things. (We’ll slip you that $50 later Jesse).

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be: A toilet… because people often try to shit on me.

And on that lovely note, let’s leave it there.

Congratulations to Jesse who as POTW receives a SportChamps t-shirt.

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Paul Morello

I'm Paul, and I model my life, laugh and hair on Mark Bosnich. There's no animal, athlete or team that can carry the weight of my money.