LeBron James has won three championship rings in six years, including the 2016 title that ended Cleveland’s historic 52 year sporting curse - but as far as 40 year old local man Dale Brooks is concerned, “he’s got nothing on Air Jordan”.

On paper, that comment is largely false, as his nephew Shayne McInness pointed out at a modest family gathering on the weekend, but Mr Brooks isn’t taking any notice.

“You know what you do with paper… you wipe your ass with it.”

The Quarry Hill accountant added “When he (James) has six rings, then talk to me.”

The “rings” argument is a popular one for those on team Jordan, meaning without another three, King James will always be destined to number two position behind his Royal Airness.

McInness, a year nine student at the White Hills Technical College, believes there’s a case to be made for both players, but wondered how much of LBJ Mr Brooks has actually seen.

In between shifts at Subway’s Epsom store, the 15 year old threw into question the validity of his uncles argument.

“Does he know that makes Big Shot Rob (Horry) better than Jordan?” (Horry has seven championship rings).

Brooks, 45, conceded he hasn’t been following the league as closely as he once did.

“I’ve seen fuck all since Steve “The Calf” Carfino stopped hosting NBA Action on Saturday morning back in ninety-five, so maybe LeBron is getting close… but he isn’t there yet.”

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Paul Morello

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