Alias: Freelance

“I’ve never seen Punter of the Week before.”

Joined: 28/10/2017

Referred from: Daily Fantasy Rankings

Plays: Big Bash and Racing mainly.


CRICKET - I like money lines… I try to find the longer odds in top bat, top bowler.

RACING - because you can roll your ChampCash over, I go for shorter priced odds.

GENERAL - I try to use situational awareness, so it depends who I’m up against, how many people are in the tournament… those types of things.

I try to pick a ChampCash target amount that I think will get me in the prize money.

Have you got an arch nemesis on the platform, someone that you really enjoy beating?

Not really. I’ve been playing against some of them for a while now, so a few of the threats like Rexel, Foley, CFrance are on my radar.

Do you remember what your biggest punting win is?

I won $20k once… and dropped a few thousand afterwards.

NOTE: This week he also took out our $4,000 Friday night racing tourney and Monday night Big Bash.

If you were to change one thing about the platform, what would it be and why?

More banter. Get the chatroom in a side bar, not a different tab.

What do you like about the platform?

The lockout well before the last race. There’s no late rebuying and swooping that way. I like the prize distribution between first, second, third, etc.

If you were a TV show character, who would you be?

Tyrion Lannister. Wine and Women…

Congratulations to Freelance who as POTW receives a SportChamps t-shirt.

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Paul Morello

I'm Paul, and I model my life, laugh and hair on Mark Bosnich. There's no animal, athlete or team that can carry the weight of my money.