Important: Make sure you (the organiser) have enough money in your own account to create the tournament. E.g. If you’re making a $50 buy-in tourney, make sure you have a pineapple in your account before starting.

Steps for every Bucks Days true hero - The Best Man.

1) Find a mate silly enough to be getting married.

2) Give him a good old-fashioned ribbing.

I like to remind the Buck that his life is over... every five minutes, for the days entirety. (Shout out to his Missus’ – *we’re just joking).

3) Get the crew to download the SportChamps App from the App Store (if iPhone users), or for those different cats with Android phones.

Note: If you’re really switched on, get them to do this a few days prior - so they can have a free game on the platform and get familiar.

4) Create a “Private Tournament” for the boys.

This can be a race meet, a sporting event, or a “sprint” of different Gallops, Harness or Greyhound races within a two-hour period.

5) Give the Tournament a name, set the buy-in amount and write some notes for the boys (/ girls).

Macca’s Bucks Day, Paul’s Pig-fest, and Jim’s Last Hurrah are some good name options.

6) Invite the fellas...

Share the link in your WhatsApp/Facebook/iMessage/SMS group.

Those who have signed up to SportChamps can click the link and enter.
The slack b@stards that ignored your request to do point 3, and still have not signed up can do so via the link.

7) Remind the crew they must have 5 bets during the tournament to qualify.

8) Cajole the Father of the Bride into doing a shot.

Hit us up at if you have a Bucks Party coming up and we’ll get the Tournament going for you.

*We’re not joking

Paul Morello

I'm Paul, and I model my life, laugh and hair on Mark Bosnich. There's no animal, athlete or team that can carry the weight of my money.